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January 30, 2009

Sun & Wine

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Got a lot of work to do to master these shots.

This was the oakwood chardonnay that only idiots would enjoy.

This was the oakwood chardonnay that only idiots would enjoy.

Full aperature, gentle fade-blur, no lens flare. B+ I say.

Full aperature, gentle fade-blur, no lens flare. B+ I say.

Bah, looking at it here, the guy this shot focuses on is not exposed properly. Make that a C+ overall.


January 28, 2009

Motion Study

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Aperature/Shutter/ISO/IS/Panning experiment, best of the bunch … (no, not saying much…)

20 seconds worth of post-processing and she looks OK.

20 seconds worth of post-processing and she looks OK.


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Insert self-indulgent, pathetic caption here.

Insert self-indulgent, pathetic caption here.

On one hand, it’s a picture of my wall from across the room, sharp enough that you can see the grain of the paint.

On the other hand, you can only understand what’s there if you have already come to understand what’s there. That makes the picture, a badge of sorts, superfluous. Hence, “suck.” I get lazy with words at times.

January 27, 2009

Lame Photo Today!

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Haha, was just screwing around on the camera last night. No point in this one.

I wanted to put up a great image I saw: on Chambers St, heading to school, I caught a man walking with a 2-year-old and a tiny puppy, both of which were moving verrrrrrrry sloooowwwlly. He just waddled along with them. The dog and the boy both smiled at me and then kept walking. I took a shot but it came out too dark (didn’t have the real camera with me, just the toy one).

So I played with the camera to make up for not having it with me. I did an aperture value study which is too dull to publish.

Obama’s going to head to the middle east soon on his own peace mission. Pretty nice, right? Was in the news today.

Talk about being crappy!

Talk about being crappy!

Buy hey, at least I can still make a point – notice how the door of the other room is slightly out of focus – I really thought the surface of a mirror was the “distance to” the object being reflected, in terms of light’s travel. That the mirror “holds” the reflection in terms of letting you receive it. Obviously not literally, but I mean that I believed a picture in a mirror would only appear as far away as it was from the mirror, not twice as far if you looked at its reflection only. So I suppose were light a car dispatched to a mirror 100 miles away and back, at 100mph, it would take 2 hours to make the trip. I really thought mirrors behaved differently. Now I know. And I’m 26. Kind of lame…

P.S. I was a physics major in college. We never did equations involving mirrors, unless they were trick questions about the constancy of the speed of light. Lot of good that did.

No comments involving my ignorance of the natural world will be permitted, unless accompanied by a joke. Preferably an anecdote about how you learned something that everyone else takes for granted.

Blogging sucks. 😉

January 26, 2009

The beginning!

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I’m not going to make any rules, but I’ll make non-rules. No required posting on saturdays, since I that day only exists for about 3 hours each week.

I admit I’m in a portrait phase right now, but that’s because it was the hardest thing to do with my previous cameras. I’ll tag them so they can be organized later but really – I’d love to have ideas suggested.

I’m not going to number anything. I won’t keep up day-for-day, but I’ll try. I think a “best-of-the-week” should fit my style best. The lazy style, that is.

Here’s a shot I took that I really liked. It’s today’s photo.

Thin chin, stubbly goatee, rounded-arch eyebrows...and they both play bass.

Thin chin, stubbly goatee, rounded-arch eyebrows...and they both play bass.

This is his surprise at me telling him the entertainment center only cost $77.

January 25, 2009


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Guess it didn’t really happen. The streak is broken. It was a 3-day streak. Brenna, you’re my hero.

I’m going to put up a few pictures today to try and cover for yesterday and today. The new camera is … well, you’ll see soon.

Ed.: Oops!

Ed. (2) : Photo’d!~

The first person to say, "new camera? let me pose!" was Primo.

The first person to say, "new camera? let me pose!" was Primo.

Right out of the box. Click. Hmm, stand over there, I’ll stand here. Click. And this was the result.

January 23, 2009

Day Null – Amnesty Day!

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I shall now have to think up rules and definitions, except for today.

It occurred to me yesterday that my blog coincides with Obama’s administration. Everyone hates subjective blogs, right? And art blogs, right? And self-indulgent blogs, right? So maybe this will be my excuse to be a bit political too.

Anyway, hang in there – it’s a whole new blog starting tomorrow!

Canon EOS 50D mark I with 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM and 50mm f1/8 mark II

Canon EOS 50D mark I with 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM and 50mm f1/8 mark II

January 22, 2009

Day two, still going strong!

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Obama. Wow. Way to jam out with your clams out, babe. He shut down gitmo. Al (roommate) and I were talking about it. He remarked that it wasn’t bad for his 2nd day in office. I said this is probably how germans felt when Hitler came to power.

For today, I present a bundle of icy wires with sunlight burnt in and most of the interesting features robbed from my crappy little photo.

In camera news: the 5D mark I fell out of the running, despite a body running only $1500 at b&h; the superior image quality demands the $1000 lenses and I’m just not doing that right now. Besides, it’s running on old (2+ yr) hardware and screaming to be out-run by the d300, which I would get except I’m planning on being a Canon man. The d300 is running about $2400 too. So the 50D at $1400 is going to be perfect; the slightly compressed CMOS still dazzles and should fit in a frame compact enough to not feel bulky when I drag it all across the edges of the earth. And I’ll be $100 closer to that $1200 50mm f/1.2 IS USM. Ooooh baby.

I met a photographer yesterday. He was rocking an old Leica film, I believe it was the M2. So, so awesome. His work was great. Check him out:  josephmlopez.com .


January 21, 2009

Day one, even though the counting will restart soon…

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I don’t want to be accountable for daily printings since I don’t yet own a camera I consider a true camera.

That said, I might as well start practicing just to get in a routine.

I’ll not presently set rules about whether the photo need to be taken on the day it’s posted, or merely picked or processed or fiddled-with digitally.

Brenna, if I’ve let you down, I’m sorry ;)

In the news (for my camera shopping): Today I was alerted to a REDONKULOUS sale at a shop nearby, something like $700 off the newegg.com price for a brand new rig. Seems a bit too good to be true; maybe they’ll sell out? I ought to go get one, but it’ll have to wait until the weekend.

And I ought to look into picasa for organizing photos, and flikr for hosting them, and I’m hoping Al gets around to letting me use the old CPG server for some of this – I don’t expect enough traffic to run over the bandwidth limits.

Random note: trader giotto’s lobster ravioli did not impress me, nor come close.

The most frustrating thing about uploading directly to WP here is that I only get 3.0GB. OH wait, no, it’s the fact that it takes forever to see the actual photo, meaning I can’t properly lay out text.


This was a slow-shutter shot taken with the shitbox pressed against a lightpost / streetlamp. The colors are somewhat insane, not in a good way. The bulb is overexposed, somewhat burnt, and the rest of the night sky is filled with too-high-ISO noise. Bunch of shit.

January 20, 2009

The start!

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I’d like to credit my roommate’s ex-girlfriend for inspiring me to start this. She runs a wordpress site where she uploads a sketch every day; she began months ago and has been going strong, never missing a beat.

I plan to be even less ambitious: I want to upload a photo every day. I have lots of pictures on facebook, and a few on photobucket, but all of them have been taken with my various point-and-shoot (aka piece-of-shit) cameras. Often the photos are funny or useful. Very, very rarely are they artful. So I’m going to spend some money and pickup a proper camera, some gear, and start making time for myself to cultivate this hobby.

It’s too cold for motorcycles, I’m too busy for aviation, and I’m too nihlistic for children. But THIS is a hobby I can do right now!


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