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January 21, 2009

Day one, even though the counting will restart soon…

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I don’t want to be accountable for daily printings since I don’t yet own a camera I consider a true camera.

That said, I might as well start practicing just to get in a routine.

I’ll not presently set rules about whether the photo need to be taken on the day it’s posted, or merely picked or processed or fiddled-with digitally.

Brenna, if I’ve let you down, I’m sorry ;)

In the news (for my camera shopping): Today I was alerted to a REDONKULOUS sale at a shop nearby, something like $700 off the newegg.com price for a brand new rig. Seems a bit too good to be true; maybe they’ll sell out? I ought to go get one, but it’ll have to wait until the weekend.

And I ought to look into picasa for organizing photos, and flikr for hosting them, and I’m hoping Al gets around to letting me use the old CPG server for some of this – I don’t expect enough traffic to run over the bandwidth limits.

Random note: trader giotto’s lobster ravioli did not impress me, nor come close.

The most frustrating thing about uploading directly to WP here is that I only get 3.0GB. OH wait, no, it’s the fact that it takes forever to see the actual photo, meaning I can’t properly lay out text.


This was a slow-shutter shot taken with the shitbox pressed against a lightpost / streetlamp. The colors are somewhat insane, not in a good way. The bulb is overexposed, somewhat burnt, and the rest of the night sky is filled with too-high-ISO noise. Bunch of shit.


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  1. I still have 2.8GB left. Admittedly, my file sizes are probably somewhat smaller, but I wouldn’t worry too much about the 3.0GB cap just yet.

    It’s so bright in NYC. It’s funny — I generally find the light pollution in Ithaca to be pretty bad, but then I visit you guys and I remember what -really- bad light pollution is like.

    Comment by bco — January 21, 2009 @ 10:39 pm

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