Faza Monster’s Photo Journal

January 22, 2009

Day two, still going strong!

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Obama. Wow. Way to jam out with your clams out, babe. He shut down gitmo. Al (roommate) and I were talking about it. He remarked that it wasn’t bad for his 2nd day in office. I said this is probably how germans felt when Hitler came to power.

For today, I present a bundle of icy wires with sunlight burnt in and most of the interesting features robbed from my crappy little photo.

In camera news: the 5D mark I fell out of the running, despite a body running only $1500 at b&h; the superior image quality demands the $1000 lenses and I’m just not doing that right now. Besides, it’s running on old (2+ yr) hardware and screaming to be out-run by the d300, which I would get except I’m planning on being a Canon man. The d300 is running about $2400 too. So the 50D at $1400 is going to be perfect; the slightly compressed CMOS still dazzles and should fit in a frame compact enough to not feel bulky when I drag it all across the edges of the earth. And I’ll be $100 closer to that $1200 50mm f/1.2 IS USM. Ooooh baby.

I met a photographer yesterday. He was rocking an old Leica film, I believe it was the M2. So, so awesome. His work was great. Check him out:  josephmlopez.com .



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