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January 27, 2009

Lame Photo Today!

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Haha, was just screwing around on the camera last night. No point in this one.

I wanted to put up a great image I saw: on Chambers St, heading to school, I caught a man walking with a 2-year-old and a tiny puppy, both of which were moving verrrrrrrry sloooowwwlly. He just waddled along with them. The dog and the boy both smiled at me and then kept walking. I took a shot but it came out too dark (didn’t have the real camera with me, just the toy one).

So I played with the camera to make up for not having it with me. I did an aperture value study which is too dull to publish.

Obama’s going to head to the middle east soon on his own peace mission. Pretty nice, right? Was in the news today.

Talk about being crappy!

Talk about being crappy!

Buy hey, at least I can still make a point – notice how the door of the other room is slightly out of focus – I really thought the surface of a mirror was the “distance to” the object being reflected, in terms of light’s travel. That the mirror “holds” the reflection in terms of letting you receive it. Obviously not literally, but I mean that I believed a picture in a mirror would only appear as far away as it was from the mirror, not twice as far if you looked at its reflection only. So I suppose were light a car dispatched to a mirror 100 miles away and back, at 100mph, it would take 2 hours to make the trip. I really thought mirrors behaved differently. Now I know. And I’m 26. Kind of lame…

P.S. I was a physics major in college. We never did equations involving mirrors, unless they were trick questions about the constancy of the speed of light. Lot of good that did.

No comments involving my ignorance of the natural world will be permitted, unless accompanied by a joke. Preferably an anecdote about how you learned something that everyone else takes for granted.

Blogging sucks. 😉


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  1. I forget. Do you absorb all light, or does light bounce around you? Also, I didn’t know Grimace lived beyond the looking glass. Smiling emoticon!

    Comment by Primo — January 27, 2009 @ 11:22 am

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