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July 20, 2009


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i left my camera behind

and 5 hours later, i wondered where my camera was, and thought i might be having a very bad day …

..what with having lost my camera … perhaps in a parking lot, perhaps on the road…

then i remembered that i’d forgotten it

and realized i’d forgotten it in a place where it could be retrieved without worry,

and recataloged “lost” as “left behind”

and bumped “fear” to “self-denegration”

i will not be posting a photo today


March 3, 2009


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Have a lot going on. Will get a photo up tomorrow.

February 2, 2009

test post

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test post

Originally uploaded by FazaMonster


January 20, 2009

The start!

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I’d like to credit my roommate’s ex-girlfriend for inspiring me to start this. She runs a wordpress site where she uploads a sketch every day; she began months ago and has been going strong, never missing a beat.

I plan to be even less ambitious: I want to upload a photo every day. I have lots of pictures on facebook, and a few on photobucket, but all of them have been taken with my various point-and-shoot (aka piece-of-shit) cameras. Often the photos are funny or useful. Very, very rarely are they artful. So I’m going to spend some money and pickup a proper camera, some gear, and start making time for myself to cultivate this hobby.

It’s too cold for motorcycles, I’m too busy for aviation, and I’m too nihlistic for children. But THIS is a hobby I can do right now!


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